Papakolea Green Sand Beach looking south with the green sand in the bottom right and small waves coming ashore from the left.

Papakolea at Mahana Bay

One of only three green sand beaches in the world

Black Sand Beach


An underwater fresh water spring attracts sea turtles

Honomolino Beach

Honomalino Bay

A short hike to a secluded gray sand beach

Hit the Beach

Green – Papakolea

Green Sand Beach Hawaii

Papakolea Green Sand Beach . . . can be magical early in the morning.

  • Swimming is only when conditions permit
  • There is a strong undertow
  • The beach drops off to deep water quickly
  • There is a strong current outside the bay
  • The beach has limited shade

Ka Lae (The Point)

  • Is also known as South Point
  • Has 40 foot cliffs
  • Has Hawaiian Artifacts
  • Is the southern tip of the islands
  • Is a favorite with local fisherman
  • The next point due south is Antarctica

Black – Punalu’u

Black Sand Beach

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach . . . swim with some big turtles.

  • The far end of the beach is best
  • Find shade under the palms
  • There is a lifeguard sometimes
  • A strong current is just past the boat ramp
  • The is an underwater spring
  • The water can be very cold
  • Do not approach turtles
  • Do not swim after them either
  • Selling or taking sand is not reccomended

Gray – Ho’okena & Honomalino

Honomolino Beach Hawaii

Ho’okena Beach . . . is a great place to go for a swim.

  • County Beach Park
  • Showers to rinse off
  • Limited Shade
  • Good swimming
  • Not for snorkeling
  • A nice setting

Honomalino Beach . . .  is a secluded beach requiring a hike.

  • Park in Miloli’i Village
  • About a 45 minute drive
  • About 20 minutes hike
  • Some shade under the palms
  • Some areas for swimming
  • Best to pack a lunch