Colorful Protea Pin Cushions

Our Flower Farmer

Proteas Procurus

New Fields Nursery delivers beautiful protea to us whenever we need them.  They are brought by the bucket in all their glory.   Usually three buckets every couple of weeks or four buckets, if we want the inn to look extra special.  Our farmer, Loren delivers them and we in turn make them into beautiful arrangements for the house.  It is always a time for creative expression and enjoyment.

The Protea genus is native to South Africa and Australia and parts of Hawaii has the dry and cool climate they like in areas like Kula, Maui and Ocean View in Ka’ū.   Protea have distinctive names, like Red Pincushions, Pink Ice, Rose Mink, Niobe, Mint Julep, Black Beard, White King. And Birds Nest.  These are an old genus of plants and their look is unique.   They look like plastic or artificial flowers with feather edges on some varieties and serrated leaves on some Banksia varieties.  They last a good two weeks if you keep them watered properly and many will dry for lasting dried arrangements also.


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