A Home Run!

The Ballgame

Last week there was a pic on Instagram of Kenny at a ball game in AT&T ballpark in San Francisco. He was sporting a pretty nice home made tee shirt supporting his team. Of course, traveling on the road can be tough on a visiting team, but they did okay and managed to at least win one of the three games they played.  We got to see a couple of games, including watching Jake Arrieta throw 4 no-hit innings in a game the Cubs won. That was cool because in his very next start in Los Angeles, he tossed a no-hitter.

Fraternizing With the Hosts

How could we not! They had the greatest section manager in our field club seats. His name was Righty. He was retired and this was his dream job. He had plenty of time to chat, but he had his eye open the whole time, ready to pounce on the fence jumpers and the autograph seekers if they got out of line. To our surprise there were quite a few who couldn’t resist, and that brought out the stern admonitions and dire warnings. Thankfully, the very kid in us that wants to get closer to the field was smart enough to know that getting your inner kid thrown out of the stadium might make your real kids just a little upset. Go Righty!

Digging the Tunnel

So this was a way cool ballpark, but perhaps the coolest thing about our seats was that we could go hang out in the tunnel where the Cubs cross from their lockers to the dugout. Kenny wasn’t brave enough to talk to them as they’re walking by, but it’s really cool to be there. You could also hang out by the glass walled batting cage area, Before the game, Kenny was watching Kris Bryant and Addison Russell playing catch. Addison was just coming back from having a baby and I guess he must of wanted a little extra throwing.


Minding the Store

While we were away, we had the best house-sitters. Some lovely ladies from Hilo joined our dear friend Margaret for days of traditional lauhala weaving here at Kalaekilohana. They had a great time blessing the house with laughter and creative energy. If we hadn’t have been having such a great time in San Francisco, we would have wished to be there with them.

There’s lots more excitement coming up. We’ll be heading to places we’ve never been, seeing things new and exciting, meeting some old and new friends, and letting Hawaii happen wherever we are.