Salad Please

No doubt about it. There’s some pretty good Fish and Chips in Scotland. There’s a good chance the fish is fresh. Along with the Scottish Meat Pie and a few other fan favorites, there is one thing that stands out. Just about everything you order comes with chips.  About three or four meals in you start wondering how many more chips you could possibly eat.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get a salad and whole grains. We found both good green salads and prepared whole grain options at the local supermarkets. We have found healthy choices for each of our castle picnics. Yet for some reason, those options just don’t show up on the menu at the most local restaurants.

Here’s our opening strategy for eating better in the Highlands. Head right to the local CO-OP or Tesco and buy some All-Bran, some plain yogurt, and some fresh fruit. We chose a bag of the most delicious little pears. Supplement as you go with ready made vegetables, whole grains, seasonal fruits, and salads. Remember to buy some good dark chocolate while you’re there. At the end of the day, a good mix of vegetables and fiber for one or two meals each day helps take the edge off that next meal with chips.