Sydney, Laundry, and the Bridge


Coming from South Africa, which was exciting but dangerous, and Hong Kong, which was super safe yet difficultly dense, Sydney seemed (I don’t know if Australians are going to like this) a lot more like the mainland U.S. It appears to be more diverse in the city and somewhat homogenous in its culture. What’s definitely clear is how beautiful Sydney is. In that respect there are perhaps few comparisons. More on this later.


We started off with a stop at a Meriton Serviced Apartments, which is some type of cross between short and long stay markets. What mattered most was the the rooms had complimentary laundry service, a feature we offer our guests. Zing zang- laundry done and off for our four nights in The Rocks, an area just short of the iconic Sydney Bridge that caters to travelers. Well done Meriton!

The Bridge

Post check-in at our hotel, we rolled around a few ideas with the concierge and decided to take a chance and head down to the Bridge Climbing tour to see if we could go. Turns out that not only could we go, we could go right then. Given that it was a spectacularly clear afternoon and the weather was warmer than expected, we sorted out the details and joined the tour. More on this later too!