Sunrise at Kalaekilohana Inn & Retreat

In Hawaii, its called a Kahea - A Call to Others to Come

The Next Chapter

Aloha from Kilohana and Kenny

From the time we began the Kalaekilohana project in 1999, it has given us more than we could have expected.

We’ve hosted accomplished guests from around the world, and we’ve traveled to interesting places worldwide.

We have grown Kalaekilohana from the “little bed and breakfast that could” into the full service inn we are today.

One of the mantras we have used throughout our journey is, “Take a Leap and a net will appear“, and to be true to that call, we are preparing to introduce our farm to table offerings to the general public. We will be working hard to make The Point at Kalaekilohana worthy of the reputation we have built over the last 15 years.

We love what we do and we continue to enjoy our amazing life.

Just the same, we will do what we have always done.

We’ll continue to prepare ourselves for the next chapter. 

Innkeepers Kenny & Kilohana