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The Four Queens

Somewhere in our earliest years we had the pleasure of visiting Las Vegas with our good friends Robin and Leisha. Those were the days when the Las Vegas experience was a super inexpensive all-inclusive package built around folks who gamble. So we signed up for the Four Queens version of this classic and it forever became a legend in our long history as friends.

Magic Green Beans

With each included meal, for which we all had little coupons, out came the little white dish with well-cooked canned green beans. After the first meal, they remained mostly untouched. Yet, they kept coming out and the jokes began. We imagined they were setting them aside for us so we could enjoy them with our next meal. We imagined that they had a magic green bean machine. We imagined they had gotten a really great deal on several tons of green beans. In the end Robin, being an artist, designed a label for The Four Queens Magic Green Beans.

Has Brought Us Back

So when the opportunity to return to Las Vegas with Robin and a gaggle of longtime friends popped up, we knew we had to be there. In typical Las Vegas fashion, the schedule was packed. It featured a college Hawaii club show at the UNLV student union sandwiched between a marvelous Elton John show on Friday night and a family style pot luck on Sunday. An odd trio? Not in Vegas. Toss in the ubiquitous breakfast buffet and a few minutes learning Blackjack and we’re pretty comfortable we covered most of the bases. We even managed to find some green beans.



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