East please, and step on it.

The Journey

Recently, a previous guest and new pal shared an article he had written for a travel trade magazine about his travel on the new A380. We enjoyed reading about his experience and we found his love for flight and aircraft slightly infectious. We were reminded that travel in an airplane can be part of the experience. We all know that traveling on the U.S. legacy carriers can be hit and miss as to whether fun will be involved. We haven’t found that to be the case with the airline we’ve been flying with lately. On the contrary, our flights attendants on the flight pictured were super helpful and available throughout the flight. Michelle and Stephanie were so nice, so helpful, and living proof that you can be there for our safety and still be pleasant.

The Pause

We ended up with an odd schedule for this trip that involves taking a break on the west coast before heading off to Europe. So we find ourselves at The Casterline, home to our dearest friends from way back, Robin and Leisha. It’s a quick kiss and hug, a quick night’s sleep, and off before any sensible bay area resident not otherwise working would consider being up on a Labor Day Sunday. We’re usually the, “travel until you’re there” kind of guys, so this is something new for us. We hear from both sides of the aisle from our guests, so we suppose it’s good to try it out.

Cool Plane Two

So we are underway on our one stop flight to Zurich and we are flying on a three cabin domestic A321. There’s a nice first class section in a 1-1 configuration, a more typical 2-2 business class section, and a coach section which is split into a roomier extra comfort section and regular coach. The entertainment system in our section is more like a tablet, with touch screen and a tablet like feel. More valuable yet, we have outlets for plugging and charging. This is a huge upgrade no matter where you sit these days, since you now arrive at your destination fully charged, a major stress reducer in our travel experience.



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