The Spell Was Cast

A while back while we were on Maui, we put forth an invocation to summon two of our best friends from the age of the pay phones to join us at Kalaekilohana between our off-island travels. Not only were we able to conjure up their presence for 4 nights but somehow we reeled in Kilohana’s longtime childhood friend Dante and his wife Judy plus a cousin Kenny hadn’t seen for 4o odd years. Wizards beware!

Now if you read the last blog, you’ll know we arrived home a day late due to a tow strap mishap and that had us pulling in the driveway about two hours before Kenny’s cousin Bonnie was set to arrive with another cousin of the same lineage, different Uncle, whom Kenny had not seen since touch tone phones were all the rage. We invited Cousin Lori to spend the night so they would have a shorter drive after seeing the glow at the Volcano. Bonnie was gracious enough to do the driving and we had a wonderful visit on the lanai upon their return. We had time for a brief chitter in the morning as well. Then, off they went and off we went to gather up our pals Joey and Sue.

retrieve retreat revive

We retrieved Joey and Sue from the Kona airport and plopped the four of us down at Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park to share our favorite picnic table and settle into some sun, salt, and sea breezes. It’s moments like this where Costco matters. A swift ready to go lunch of quinoa, chicken salad, crackers, beer, and water helped get us on the beach with lunch. We all managed a dip in the ocean. From there, the stage was set. We beat our retreat to Kalaekilohana sanctuary and revived the legacy that this foursome has become. Laughter comes very easily when the legends gather. Quick puns, way too many rhymes, and swift shifts of conversation dance around the twists and turns.

Kenny effortlessly whipped up three meals a day, keeping it healthy and delicious. Of course, to do that, we all made the short trip down the street to our favorite farmer, where we met up with Greg and his super farmer Lisa. They do the hard work of growing food, something most of us take for granted. A visit to the farm is a great reminder how important what they do is. Kenny has the special privilege of being able to harvest from the farm and Kilohana helps with the cleaning and prep when the bounty arrives home. Locally sourced food never felt so good.

The Perfect Blend

IMG_20151021_140127115Old friends and new friends can be a little like oil and vinegar dressing. They can separate unless you mix them just right.  Kilohana’s oldest friend Dante invited us to pupus and drinks at their old friends new home and farm on 21 acres right up the street. The home with a loft is in mid transformation, with new coffee trees, a new barn, updated interior spaces, lots of TLC, and a grand vision.  We were all impressed by what Nancy and Claude visualize with cacao, vanilla, self-sufficiency and sustainable living.  Totally off grid, in an old ‘ohi’a forest, the property includes a spring on property and evidence of an earlier homestead with ti leaf plants everywhere.  The mix of old and new gives the property a timeless quality. The mix of old and new friends also had a timeless feel and an impromptu invitation was extended to stay for dinner that included Claudes’s  homemade sausage, fresh salad greens from their own garden, and more wine. The dressing was complete.  Another wonderful day.

The Honu’apo Beau, Show, and Glow

Many years ago at the Keauhou Yacht Club Kenny and Kilohana crashed the wedding of one of Sue’s sister-in-laws. So it was only fitting that our invitation to a Saturday morning wedding included an invitation for Sue and Joey to crash the party. A super casual beach affair at Honu’apo featured an amazing setting, great food, and good music. We followed that up with an afternoon concert in Volcano. The final concert in this year’s Jazz in the Forest series featured Keahi Conjugacion, Volcano Choy, and a great jazz ensemble. As the sun set, it was off to the Volcanoes National Park for a peek at the glow at the summit, a first for Joey and Sue.


Night skies filled with stars and sunny mornings accented the rosy glow on our faces. A steaming bowl of cracked oats and fruit added to the comfort as our visit wrapped up. Our final day as a foursome concluded with time together to listen to stories heard before but retold exactly the same they were first shared.  Generous amounts of love, laughter, and single malt scotch preceded by a perfectly grilled hand-cut steak, fresh kale we harvested ourselves, and brown rice.  Eat well, laugh, live life to its fullest and remember to love even more.



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