The Islay Experience Finale

Rock Sculptures or Seals? From a distance, it’s really hard to tell. You actually have to watch for a while to see if the rocks move. So we put on our rain ponchos and headed out to the beach for closer look. Once you get up closer, you can see the unmistakable shape of a seal beached on a rock surrounded by water. Seeing seals in Scotland? Check.

With our main mission for the day accomplished, we headed back to the most wonderful Glenegedale House for Kilohana’s birthday meal and cake. Actually, the cake had popped out in the morning along with candles and a birthday song, so all that was left was to enjoy it all.

We followed up dinner with our second Ceilich at Ramsey Hall. This event included a whisky nosing competition. All the distilleries set up the same eleven glasses at their table. All the glasses were dark blue to hide the color of the whiskies. You had to nose each one and match the number to the whisky.


After a lot of sniffing and whiffing and milling about, Kilohana walked away with the second place prize! Two bottles of fine Islay Whisky. How he managed it may forever be a closely held secret. He took a picture with the Master of Ceremonies, who just happened to be on the newspaper staff. Turns out we’ll be in the local paper. The whole day turned out to be one heck of an exciting birthday celebration.