Late Night Drama

The Leopard

Laying at a vantage point near the top edge of a river ravine, this cat had been injured, featuring a slash along its flank. Our guide pointed out that it did not look like a mortal wound and, unless the damage impaired its ability to climb, was not likely to to result in its demise.

The Hyena

Looking every bit the aggressor, this doglike cat moved back and forth in an arc, pressing in closer with each return. Actually in its own family of three species, the hyena looked intense and formidable. It smelled blood and our guide suggested it was most likely hoping to chase the leopard off what it believed was a kill.

The Clowns

Piled into an open air Isuzu jeep with seating for 16, this predator was busy demonstrating why it no longer needed to hear, see, or sense like most other animals in the kingdom. Rumbling up in a huge tin can and armed with flood lights, we humans were able to catch about 60 seconds of action between two animals that had not evolved similarly. We gave up a lot to get these big brains!

The End

The leopard slipped down the ravine to our left. The hyena immediately went to where the leopard had been, took a few whiffs and slipped down the ravine to our right. We clowns turned our clumsy spot lights forward, fired up the tin can, and lumbered off into the darkness. The action would continue into the night without us.