Easy In

Our stay in Munich was courtesy of our friend Inis, who had stayed with us previously and, as it turned out, had an available space for us to hang our hat while she was out of town. Especially given that it was a busy time in Munich, we graciously accepted her generous hospitality.

Easy Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is best with friends and we were blessed to be meeting up with Tuukka and Sirkku, our Finnish friends from Frankfurt who lived some time previously in Munich. Although we had a car and we are not usually afraid to take it anywhere, after more than one reminder that we would be drinking large beers, we opted to use public transportation. This was a brilliant choice. Like…who drives to Oktoberfest? If the bus and the underground were any measure…no one.

IMG_20150927_120017Tuukka and Sirkku cut their teeth at Oktoberfest long ago and they were there ahead of us to secure seating in a tent with their Munich pals. The early birds get the best seats and being friends with the early birds really helps. It’s hard to picture how sitting on a bench in tent drinking beer could be fun until you are actually sitting in an Oktoberfest beer tent drinking beer and having an amazingly great time. The live music keeps going and the beer keeps flowing and before you know it, you’re standing on your seat singing beer toasting songs in German.
Ein Prosit! Ein Prosit! One- Two- Three- Drink!

Easy Out

After a few liters of great German beer, we were able to make our way home while the public transportation was still running and before out outstanding memory of Oktoberfest dissolved in a vat of beer between the ears. We will always be grateful for Tuukka and Sirkku holding our hand and giving us the best Oktoberfest experience we could have possibly imagined. Ein prost zu ihnen.


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