Living in Hawaii, we sometimes forget how quick and easy it is to go from a medium size city like Milwaukee to New York City. An hour and a half and you’re there. Better yet, it’s amazing how much is there when you arrive. Even better still, it’s great to have family living in Manhattan where you can stay!

We have said it many times, but New York for the visitor is very different than for those that live there. New York is a network of neighborhoods and, while the area where our family lives has become MUCH busier over the past 20 years, there is still a nice sense of neighborhood.

Soo….it’s great to be back in the city again.

With the shift from Chicago to New York we seemed to have stumbled into some great spring weather. While Chicago was still ĝon the cool side of May, New York City was firmly in the center. Given how walk-able Manhattan is, that was a change that mattered.

With a jam-packed schedule, we didn’t have the opportunity to send out a note to our many previous guests from the city. The main focus was celebrating our niece’s graduation from school and her transition to the University of Chicago and doing things with the family.


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