Our Longest Journey

Lounge Lizards

We departed Hawaii on a Monday and arrived in South Africa on a Thursday, but there’s no reason to be sad for us. Alaska Airlines and Emirates Airlines took very good care of us and made sure we had plenty of food and beverages to keep us going. From Alaska’s Boardroom to the Lounge at SEA to the Emirates Lounge in Dubai, we had access to fresh vegetables, lots of water, hot food, sleeping chaises, and showers.

Thank Goodness

Thank goodness one of us likes to have some cold hard cash on hand. After making the less than stellar decision to forgo exchanging a little cash before leaving the airport, we discovered that our debit cards weren’t working and we didn’t remember how to do a cash advance with our credit card. CASH and an open bank to the rescue.

So to back the story up just a bit, we stopped about an hour out of Joburg to use the restroom at McDonald’s and visit an ATM at a bank in the associated mall. The restroom was a huge success. So off we went figuring we would sort it out further down the road. Cue the, “Toll Road that doesn’t accept foreign Visa cards”. crisis. Thankfully, it was only 3 miles down the road. After getting turned around and collecting the credit card they held to make sure we didn’t dash away, it was back to the bank. Then came a round of copying passports, signing forms, and possibly applying for citizenship. Eventually, after they sorted out how to enter our information in their system, we received some South African Rand for US Dollars. We zipped through the toll plaza with confidence and made the potholed dash to Kruger.