We selected a small bed and breakfast for our stay in Prague based on what others have shared online. We paid a supplement and enjoyed an early check-in and, thanks to availability, a late departure. This allowed us to enjoy our 37 hours in Prague to the fullest. After settling our things, we took our hosts advice and grabbed a quick bite to eat at 2+KK Restaurant, where the goulash and the pork special did their job with great success. A walk around the neighborhood to get our bearings made good use of the afternoon.  An afternoon nap in a regular bed brought us into the evening.  We found a new restaurant call Klimpirna where our waiter offered to make us some salads that were not on the menu and he suggested a delicious cold pork loin appetizer with fresh shredded horseradish, country mustard, and tart pickles. The beet salad with potato was excellent and reminded us us something we might make at Kalaekilohana.

Morning at the Castle

Old pros by now at using public transport, we bought a couple of tickets and hopped on the tram bound for the castle that sits atop the city. On the advice of our host, we stayed on the tram as it wound itself past the main entrance and up the hill to the back side of castle complex, where it runs through a grassy tree lined park that was very picturesque. Once deposited above the castle, we were able to walk through a series of narrow winding cobblestone streets that led us to the back entrance of the castle.  The classic view of the city’s red tiled rooftops and several domed roofs is great from that vantage point.  There were street musicians playing classical music as these European cities are the birthplace of many composers.  Food from the vendors was purchased by the kilogram and seemed far too expensive.  We were forewarned and selected a paper cone of freshly peeled and fried potato chips.

The Museum

We have a rule now when we travel. One museum and one church per country. Not realizing that this is one of the favored museums in Prague, we saw that they were having a classical concert in 20 minutes. Since we still had one unused self-imposed museum chip and thinking this would be a great way to hear some live music while getting some history, we dusted off the wallet and bought the combo pack.

The one hour concert was wonderful.  We had a trio.  A flautist, a violinist, and a pianist.  The concert was held in a small room with about 60 seats amongst portraits of important friends of this royal family.  They played familiar compositions, melodies you know yet none we able to identify by name. We wandered the museum afterwards and learned a bit of the history of the family losing everything, fleeing the country, getting their artwork back, and then losing it again. Eventually, they were able to realize the full restitution of the collection. Many of the paintings were family portraits and friends of the family.   We found the serving ware and the rifles and guns quite extensive and elaborate.  Some of the gunstock were imbedded with mother of pearl, gold, and silver.  The original musical score for Beethoven 5th and 6th Symphony was also a family possession. How amazing to see the original work of a genius in his field. How amazing to see that the pages created a tome 8 inches thick.

The Wrap

The wrap in Prague goes to Bad Jeff’s BBQ and the lovely Aiya, the talented barkeep who entertained us by making an assortment of complicated cocktails as we sat at her bar noshing on some awesome BBQ brisket, ribs, and sides that gave Texas a run for their money. Truly bad to the bone.

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