Terra Firma

The Arrival

According to our pilot, the current temperature was going to be a very cool 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Our plan was to take the train from the airport into the main train station in Zurich for a day walking around before boarding the City Night Line train in the evening. Imagine our surprise and delight to step out of the train station into a beautiful 65 degree day and full sun. We could not have asked for better weather. Thankfully, our pilot is much better with planes than weather.

Little Things That Should Be Easy

After arrival at the main train station, we had to free ourselves from our luggage so that we could wander about unencumbered. Zurich station has lockers that you may leave your bags in for about $9.  Oh sure, you say. No problem, you say. Truth was, we felt a little uneasy leaving all of our essential possessions, passport, electronics, and belongings locked in a box in a place we had never been. In some way, this too is why we travel. Traveling forces you to get outside of your comfort zone and trust that a system used by thousands daily actually works and is safe to use. You get one shot to lock it up and you do not have the ability to open and close your locker to check on things until you are ready to pick it up lest you pay another $9. To no one’s surprise, it worked out just fine and we were able to enjoy a great day why our luggage rested securely in a locker 1281.

We Meet Yet Another Expectant Previous Guest

We just love that we often get to rendezvous with previous guests on these journeys. It’s always a great reminder that life continues forward since these meetings are regularly at a time when our previous guests are starting families. Either they have had their first child or one is on the way. Toby and Sibylle were covering both of those when we met up with them in Zurich. It was easy to spot the expectant mom and husband under the huge clock at the station. Sibylle also wins the award for most unflappable mom. We are meeting with them on Monday and she will be having her baby on Tuesday at 4pm.  We thought it was amazing that they would take time out to spend the afternoon with us and show us a little of Zurich. Even more fun is that kids have and will have a Hawaiian middle name. How’s that for letting Hawaii happen wherever you are!

Six Hours for Lunch Dessert and a Pub

So if you have a brief few hours in a city you have never been to, what could be better than having a host take you around to all the great places you wanted to see but never would have. The Swiss Chocolate that you have to have, the fancy Luxembourger macaroons that are all the rage, the affable butcher in the charcuterie, the bread shop that you have buy your bread at, and  the best place to get traditional sausages. Apparently, the mustard they serve is a pairing peculiar to Zurich. We were warned not to ask for mustard elsewhere lest we offend the delicate flavors of the various sausages. The veal sausage was quite good and we can appreciate it’s stand-alone quality. We not sure how that mustard got on our plates.



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