Today’s Bush

The Set Up

We’re staying at a mid-level bush lodge. It’s set up with an electric fence around it, an area where you can sit and look out on a dry riverbed and across to a concrete watering hole that the lodge supplies water to. There are four concrete buildings, each housing two units that look out towards the riverbed. You can not leave the compound for safety reasons. There is no cell phone service and there is wi-fi available in the common area.

The Schedule

You rise at 6 am, have a cup of coffee, and leave on a morning game drive. You return at around 9 am and have breakfast. After breakfast, you have the option of sitting on the veranda or going to your room. Occasionally some animals come to the waterhole, but often it is quiet. Lunch is served at 2 pm followed by a game drive at 3:30 pm. You return from the drive just after dark and dinner is served about an hour later. You can visit with other guests after dinner outside.

The Blog Challenge

Like so many things and so many places, technology has become part of the bush. At this particular lodge, the only option for using wi-fi is to gather in the common area. If you want to blog and publish your work, you run the risk of becoming the stereotypical caricature that our host lamented upon seeing us stationed there. IF only we could have gone to our room.

The Reality

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, we have happily embraced the option of being connected while being engaged with the culture or the setting that we find ourselves in. It allows us to provide insight to our own guests of our travel experience using technology. It also helps us avoid work pile ups and greatly reduces stress.  The reality is that technology is now an integral part of everyone’s daily lives. It should be able to co-exist with and actually enhance today’s bush experience.

The Irony

With a blog on the blocks and our time time at Senalala at an end, we headed out to Kruger National Park for our two nights in the park itself, expecting to publish this blog upon arrival. Surprise. There was neither wi-fi or cell service. It turns out that it has been curtailed to help address animal poaching. Too sweet our just desserts.