Travel Value

One of the great values of travel is people.

Those you visit and those you meet remind us that we are the same and also that we are individuals.   Guests often will say to us upon departure, “If you are ever in…look us up!”  We are very good at looking people up when we travel.

On this particular trip to Scotland, we have met up with a fellow innkeeper who we have chatted with on an innkeeper’s forum, a couple that visited Kalaekilohana last July, as well as couple we met on a previous trip to Menorca.

Our fellow innkeepers operate a wonderful bed and breakfast in Inverness and we met them for lunch at the Dores Inn. Innkeepers speak a universal language and it makes it easy to connect on a professional level. Like us, they have been keeping an inn for around 12-13 years.

Our previous guests live in a remarkably cute country house just outside of Stirling. On a beautiful sunny day, we were treated to a marvelous locally sourced meal, great company, and the quintessential wee dram by the fireside. What a great expression of Scottish hospitality.

Our acquaintances from Menorca lived just a short drive away in Perth and we treated them to lunch at a favorite spot of theirs in the town of Auchterarder. They were just as engaging as we remember them and, twenty some years our senior, we can only hope to be as vivacious moving forward.