Vienna Vitis

Thank you Karl

Having just left a 5-star hotel in Budapest, it was so very nice to arrive to a 5-star pension in Venice. Efficient and cozy, our stay at Pension Vitis included Karl’s pick up and drop off, metro/bus tickets, recommendations for the short time we were there, laundry service, and breakfast.  The laundry, which was a modest add-on, was very welcome for two road heavy carry-on only travelers. We got the quick nickel tour on our drive from out rendezvous point until arrival at the pension. Then we took our hosts excellent recommendation and wandered two blocks down to the Serbian run restaurant called Panorama. There we received super friendly 5-star service from our server Pavle (Paul). Kilohana was particularly thrilled with the Karadevdora Snicla. The grilled meats were also excellent. Pavle’s suggestion to the kitchen to serve everything on the same plate created quite a feast, enough so that much of our order was packed up for a future snack.

Something familiar

Although we did not break our one museum per country rule, we may need to add some kind of constitutional travel amendment about how many of these museums can be the former palace of dynastic rulers. Schönbrunn Palace sits outside the ring of the old city of Vienna and was the home to the Hapsburg dynasty. The metro and bus lines are super-efficient and easy to figure out, but that didn’t stop us from looking on the wall at the departing subway station to determine that we would need to return to Ausgang. Oddly, the next station and the one after that had the same name. If you speak German, you may already be laughing, since you would know that ausgang means exit. Okay, so we caught on before we asked anyone about it.

At the palace, we went for the extended grand audio tour. Since the Schönbrunn Palace is massive and sprawls on and on, we figured we didn’t want to miss an inch of our third enormous palace/museum in less than a week. Sadly, we only had an hour before our entry time, so we had to reduce our grand tour of the gardens to about one tenth of one percent of what was there, which turned out to be ample. We were reminded that these folks didn’t get out much since it would have taken them a week to leave the grounds.

Thanks again

Without a doubt, Pension Vitis was the first place where we thought we would be happy to return. We liked Vienna, found it to be more reasonably priced than we expected, and would have gladly put ourselves in Karl’s capable hands for a couple more days. He traveled extensively in his previous career and he has thought to include everything a traveler would need to make their stay easy, fun, and efficient. Better than any of that, he was personable, honest, and helpful.




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