Welcome to the Bush

Let’s go see some animals!

We arrived moments after the afternoon game drive had departed. Thankfully, the folks at Senalala Lodge had made arrangements for one of the drivers to pass by to pick us up. So we hopped out of our rental car, tossed on our stylish bush jackets, jumped  into an open air Land Cruiser, and headed out into the African bush.

Just minutes after departure we found ourselves face to face with a herd of African Buffalo. Also know as the Cape Buffalo and often confused with the water buffalo, this animal has defied all attempts throughout history at d0mestic cohabitation.

Not long after, we came upon two White Rhinos (I forgot how to spell their full name) grazing in the drought stricken grasses of the bush. What a majestic grazer indeed. It’s hard to understand why people continue to encourage poaching these incredible animals for a part of their body that is nothing more to humans than animal bone.

An elephant ecosystem

The dynamics of how it all works is in front you as you go about your game drive.  The relationship between the elephants and their need to consume massive amounts of food  with an inefficient digestive system is interesting. Seeing the effect their foraging of tree roots they consume for nutrients has on the landscape and how the flora manages to regenerate certainly seems miraculous. Driving past the endless clumps of elephant dung reminds you that the circle is complete.