A collection of Nine flowers Kenny and Kilohana saw during their trip to Scotland

Wrapping Up Scotland

Our departure from 4 superb days on Islay involved a nap on the ferry and a drive back to Glasgow, where we checked in with some friends and did very little. At this point in our journey, doing very little was a great choice.

We did have a couple of good meals, including a friendly Bistro called Gamba. Once rested, we drove out to the Scottish Borders area for a couple of rather anti-climactic days, highlighted by a lovely walk in the Dawyck Botanical Gardens. Bursting with both color and massive trees, many of them native to Scotland, it was a final salute to the incredible weather we have enjoyed.

We spent our time near Peebles and in Innerleithen at two very different Inns, one with a more laid back approach having done it for 29 years, and another with a young couple ten years in whose approach to good food and guest service made our brief time in the Scottish Borders worth the visit.

While the weather was remarkable, the people we met and spent time with were the true highlight of our Scottish adventure. From the great hosts at our bed and breakfasts to the wonderful folks that made time to join us for a meal or host us, we were well cared for at every turn.

As we begin the journey home, we reflect on how fantastic this second visit to Scotland has been.  We saw previous guests, made new friends, reacquainted friendships, and saw much more of Scotland at its’ best. Sláinte!